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Welcome to Manhattan Vein Specialists of NYC, your exclusive vein treatment center in New York City. With Dr. Susan Bard at the helm, you are in the best hands. Expect to find relief, comfort, cutting-edge technology and continued support from your NYC team of specialists.

Whether you need relief from painful varicose veins or a way to improve your appearance after developing tiny facial spider veins, you’ll find the same level of extraordinary service at this Manhattan vein treatment center.

Start Slowly

Your NYC doctor at the vein treatment center takes time to get to know you and to learn about your medical and family history. Since one out of three New Yorkers may share your issues with problem veins, chances are someone in your family may have had problems too. If true, your vein specialist needs to know.

Your doctor always starts with the least invasive treatment suggestions. If your veins just started giving you problems, your doctor may recommend homecare techniques such as:

  • Exercising to improve circulation
  • Using graduated compression stockings
  • Elevating your legs for at least an hour after an extended time on your feet
  • Avoiding sitting with your legs crossed
  • Losing weight
  • Following a sensible low-salt, high-fiber diet
  • Wearing looser clothing

She may evaluate your current medications and recommend varying the hormonal-based medication you’re taking. Massage under your doctor’s direction may help, and taking vitamins and natural herbs, as recommended by your vein doctor in NYC, may offer some benefits.

Moving Up the Treatment Ladder

After trying the least invasive treatments through this NYC vein treatment center, your doctor may recommend various injections that can shut down the troubling veins from the inside. Most surgeries and treatments are performed in the vein treatment center office and include:

At Manhattan Vein Specialists of NYC, you also have access to a range of cosmetic and medical services to help you look and feel your best. That’s always the goal of Dr. Bard and her associates at this NYC vein treatment center.

Stay in Touch with Your Manhattan Vein Treatment Center

By building a trusting relationships with your Manhattan vein doctor and vein specialist, you can take advantage of services ranging from acne treatment for you or your teens to top-notch skin cancer treatment to cosmetic services such as Botox or platelet-rich plasma therapies.

Call today for an appointment and begin recovering from unsightly veins before they lead to pain and further complications.