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    Veins on the face that are red, bluish-tinted or protruding may not seem especially serious, unless you are the one living with them. If you stare at them in the mirror every day, spider veins on the face or red veins on face are affecting your life. They may be the only thing standing between you and a perfect complexion.

    Facial veins are not typically painful, unless they are caused by rosacea. If yours are the result of rosacea, you may notice additional redness and an occasional uncomfortable burning sensation. Veins in the face may in some cases indicate to your vein doctor that you have an underlying health issue. No matter what your motivation, consulting an experienced vein specialist in Manhattan is always in your best interest.

    What Causes Face Veins?

    Face veins can be a problem regardless of age. And there are a variety of reasons you may be suffering with veins on the face, including:

    • Heredity
    • Sun exposure
    • Rosacea
    • Trauma
    • Steroid use
    • Hormone changes
    • Liver disease
    • Certain autoimmune diseases
    • Rare genetic diseases

    You may notice spider veins on the face tend to happen more around your nose and cheeks. Red veins on face typically tend to appear more after menopause or if you have rosacea. Reticular veins in the face have a blue or green cast and can be noticeable on several different areas of your face, such as:

    • Across your cheekbones
    • On your temples
    • Across your jawline
    • Under your eyes
    • Around your mouth

    There Is Hope

    Facial vein removal is real, reasonably priced, and available to everybody tired of unsightly veins on the face. However, since facial veins are classified as a cosmetic issue, they are not covered by most insurance policies. Talk to your vein team at Manhattan Vein Specialists of NYC about the best approach to your spider veins on face treatment.

    Like most treatments, facial vein removal reacts differently in different people. You need a highly skilled medical professional to evaluate your specific and individual needs. This ensures you receive the best and most effective treatment possible. Your options for treatment for facial thread veins include:

    • Sclerotherapy has been the go-to vein treatment for many years, but is not generally recommended for facial red vein removal due to the thinner and more delicate nature of the skin on your face. If your skin is thick and healthy enough, your specialist may opt for this treatment because it’s reliable and effective. But since other treatment options are better suited to the skin on your face, your doctor may recommend a different procedure.
    • IPL  (Intense Pulsed Light) is a remarkable treatment for facial thread veins. It actually targets the blood inside your vessels and destroys them by generating heat. Facial red vein removal responds well to light therapies. And the treatments are precise, and do not cause damage to the surrounding tissues.
    • Laser treatments can eliminate small vessels and capillaries altogether. Lasers have remarkably few side effects when done by a capable professional. The results can be instantaneous. And you continue to see improvement in the weeks that follow.

    How to Get Rid of Spider Veins on the Face

    The most important step you can take is calling the premier cosmetic vein specialist in Manhattan, Dr. Susan Bard. Letting her guide you through the treatment options that will work best for you can take a lot of guess-work and anxiety out of your procedure. Knowledge, skill and experience are absolutely necessary, and Dr. Bard offers a wide range of cosmetic services for all your needs.

    Being mindful of your sun exposure and consistent with your SPF coverage is a healthy step toward preventing unsightly face veins. Treatment for facial thread veins is available. You no longer have to go through life feeling uncomfortable or trying to hide behind cosmetics. Your Manhattan vein specialist cares about your comfort, your medical well-being and your appearance. Call for a consultation today.