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    During your first vein consultation and at every visit afterward, your NYC vein specialist at New York Vein Center  gives you the time and attention to learn about your concerns and your goals. So whether you are worried about how the small spider veins on your face  are drastically affecting your appearance or you are concerned about potential complications from the large varicose veins in your legs, Dr. Susan Bard listens to you.

    Vein problems that also include ulcers, chronic venous insufficiencies or bulging veins in your hands can be physically painful too. During your first consultation, you may receive valuable treatment information to begin reducing your discomfort. At the same time, you may develop a plan that works for you to treat your vein problems effectively and permanently.

    Preparing for Your Vein Consultation

    There is very little that you need to do before your first consultation. Because of her vast experience with skin conditions and vein problems, your Manhattan vein specialist often can just look at the area of concern and come up with a plan of action for treating it. You can help your doctor develop a detailed and thorough diagnosis, however, by bringing:

    • A list of medications you currently take, including herbal supplements and vitamins
    • A written timeline of when your vein problems first started, how long you’ve had them, when they hurt most and what helps relieve your discomfort
    • Information about your family history, as varicose and spider veins very often are hereditary
    • Questions you have about your condition and potential treatments

    To get the most out of your consultation, write down your questions so you do not forget them when you arrive in the office. A few you may consider asking might include:

    • What is causing my vein problems?
    • What tests will you do?
    • Are there treatments I can begin at home?
    • What in-office treatment do you suggest?
    • Will my insurance cover the treatments?
    • Are there consequences of not getting treatment at this time?
    • How can I prevent these issues from becoming worse or from developing in other parts of my body?

    While You Wait

    As you await your first consultation at convenient Midtown or Upper East Side locations, you can take measures to relieve the discomfort caused by aching varicose veins in your legs or throbbing pain from bulging veins in your feet.  Home care to relieve varicose vein discomfort includes:

    • Elevating your feet whenever possible
    • Not sitting in one position for longer than an hour at a time without taking a break
    • Avoiding shoes that cause your legs or feet to hurt
    • Wearing light compression hose
    • Not wearing tight clothes that restrict blood flow in your groin, legs or waist
    • Walking as much as you can tolerate to promote circulation
    • Reducing the amount of salt you eat

    Developing a Diagnosis

    Once your NYC doctor understands your concerns and receives your history, she will conduct a physical examination. She may ask you to stand to see if your veins bulge further when pressure is applied to them or if they remain just as distended all the time. She may press on various parts of the darkened veins to test your pain levels.

    While a diagnosis often is achieved at this time, your Manhattan vein doctor may require further tests to confirm her suspicions. An ultrasound is the best method to see inside your veins and check whether the valves are operating efficiently. An ultrasound is done right in the doctor’s office and involves a hand-held transducer about the size of a bar of soap running over your veins. The device transmits pictures to a nearby monitor that shows your doctor real-time images from inside your veins.

    Treatments Options Vary Widely

    After your consultation, you and your doctor can devise a plan of action to deal with your appearance and your discomfort. You may begin with recommendations for additional homecare, or your doctor may recommend more aggressive treatment options, depending on the severity of your venous disease.

    Whatever plan you and your Manhattan vein specialist develop, your doctor wants to assure your ultimate comfort and health. When you participate fully in your treatments, your health and well-being have a much greater chance of achieving success quickly and thoroughly. If you are suffering from vein problems, call for a consultation today to start on the path to better health and a pain-free life.