Unfortunately, unsightly varicose veins do not just happen on your legs. Sudden bulging veins in hands, and veins on arms tend to become more noticeable as you age. And a swollen vein on top of a foot can be both unsightly and uncomfortable.

If you see veins popping out on your feet, arms or hands, it can make you look and feel a lot older than you actually are. When you visit Dr. Susan Bard at Manhattan Vein Specialists of NYC, you find a compassionate and experienced vein specialist.

Bulging Veins in Hands and Veins in the Arm

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    Don’t panic. While your bulging veins are hardly your most attractive feature, they do not typically indicate a serious underlying health issue. In rare cases, a vascular disease may cause a swollen vein in a hand or veins in the arm. Your vein specialist in New York City can tell you if you need further treatments.

    But for the most part, bulging veins in hands and veins on arms are normal. As you age, the skin on the back of your hands thins. While veins in a hand are not as painful as other vein conditions, they can drastically age your overall appearance. It’s nearly impossible to prevent sudden bulging veins in hands, but treatment is available.

    Swollen Vein in a Foot

    A swollen vein in a foot can be the result of added pressure on your feet when you stand and walk. Your veins become varicose when the valves inside of your vein weaken, allowing blood to flow backward and pool. The additional strain causes your swollen vein in a foot to balloon and raise the surface of your skin.

    A swollen vein on top of a foot can actually be more than a cosmetic issue, though. Without treatment, it can lead to severe pain or extensive bleeding. If you experience sharp pain in a foot vein, contact your Manhattan vein doctor immediately. When a vein in a foot hurts, do not take it lightly.

    Why Your Veins Pop Out

    While age is the most common reason for veins popping out, several other factors can lead to bulging veins in the arms, hands, legs or feet:

    • Exercise increases blood flow and can unfortunately lead to bulging veins.
    • Pregnancy causes varicose veins. These may fade on their own three months to a year after delivery, but they often persist.
    • Hot weather is problematic for any vein-related issues because it can cause vein pain and make it difficult for them to function properly.

    Treatment for Swollen Veins

    After an evaluation by your NYC vein expert, she determines if there is an underlying cause for your vein pain. If so, determine the best treatment options available for you. Effective treatments include:

    • Sclerotherapy is the go-to treatment for a swollen vein. This includes:
      • Veins in a hand
      • Veins in the arm
      • Veins in the leg
      • Veins in a foot
    • Laser surgery closes off spider veins and other smaller varicose veins with intense bursts of light. This causes a swollen vein in a hand, or vein in a foot to fade slowly away.
    • Ambulatory phlebotomy is an outpatient procedure where the veins of the arm or leg are removed through a series of punctures in your skin.

    Veiny Hands Require Treatment

    There are many swollen vein treatments available to you in Manhattan. Leaving your veins untreated only ensures they will get worse. And while at home treatments may ease your discomfort, serious vein pain requires more advanced treatment. The sooner you seek treatment, the less complicated and more effective it is.

    Scheduling a consultation with the leading vein specialists in the New York City area is the first step to improving your life. Do not spend another second hiding from the world. You deserve skin that reflects who you are inside.