In Manhattan, you can build a relationship with Dr. Susan Bard.  Besides being among the top vein doctors in NYC she brings a diverse set of experiences as a vein doctor and cosmetic physician. You get the best of all worlds at Manhattan Vein Clinic — a medical doctor who cares for both your physical health and your appearance.

Unnecessary Pain

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Veins and arteries serve as the main thoroughfares for your blood, carrying life-giving oxygen to every cell in your body. Arteries carry blood away from your heart and veins carry it back to your heart, where it gets recycled. Vein conditions upset that cycle, leading to pain and other symptoms.

And pain from vein issues is not something that you need to live with, not when you have access to the best vein doctor in New York City. In fact, you may even leave after your first consultation with recommendations for simple home remedies to relieve your health concerns. But if you need more involved care, your vein specialist offers a host of medical vein treatment NYC options, most of which are performed right in the office with no surgery, few side effects, and a high rate of success.

Potential Vein Problems

You have done nothing wrong — maybe you have even taken great care of yourself. But you may still develop a vein condition. While obesity and a high salt intake do lead to medical vein issues, very often they occur because they run in your family. Pregnancy and hormonal changes are also common culprits of vein disorders.

Conditions that may cause you a great deal of discomfort include:

5 Reasons to See a Vein Specialist

Vein Treatment Options

With such a wide range of conditions, your doctor needs many treatment options, which is why you should visit a vein specialist like Dr. Bard. Thanks to extensive research and training, she can keep up with the latest technologies. And since she sees vein problems every day, she knows what to look for and how to treat any venous disease. The most common home remedies for troubling veins include:

  • Wearing compression stockings
  • Losing weight
  • Elevating your feet
  • Alternating sitting and standing throughout the day
  • Reducing salt intake
  • Eating a diet high in fiber

Only your vein specialist in veins treatment center in NYC can decide whether you need more invasive treatments. Some of the most popular in-office spider vein removal and varicose veins treatment in Manhattan include:

Why See a Vein Specialist

To sum it up, the five most important reasons to seek treatment from a doctor trained in treating a wide range of vein problems are:

  1. The health of your veins reflects the health of your cardiovascular system. For treatment, turn to the most reliable and experienced doctor you can find.
  2. You’ll get a definitive diagnosis from a vein specialist who knows what to look for, the kinds of questions to ask and the specific tests you need.
  3. A vein specialist such as Dr. Bard knows that one-size-fits-all vein treatment is not in your best interest. She offers many different treatments and recommends the one that best fits your needs.
  4. You do not have to wait for treatment. Very often, you can get specialized treatment on your first visit, and you may see results right away.
  5. You have no reason to live with vein pain, not when Dr. Bard can determine the source of your pain and target it directly with the most cutting-edge tools and treatments.