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Spider veins are rarely dangerous. These thin, red, blue and purple squiggly lines that appear on your face, hands, and legs are typically caused by a blood that does not flow smoothly through that vessel.

Weakened vein walls happen as you get older, and they are often behind troublesome vein conditions. Years of standing on your feet on a hard surface or sitting at a desk with little or no relief during the day lead to many vein conditions that require the services of a vein specialist. Other factors that lead to the small and large unsightly veins include:

  • Wearing tight shoes and clothes
  • Being pregnant
  • Having a family history of vein issues

Spider veins also can be caused by exposure to the sun, hormonal changes and injuries. Poor circulation may be the underlying condition that’s causing your spider veins and their larger cohorts, varicose veins, but just as often, poor circulation is caused by weakened veins. It’s the chicken-and-egg dilemma: which came first?

Your Circulatory System

Your heart, arteries, veins and capillaries make up your circulatory system. Nearly 10 pints of blood travel through close to 60,000 miles of blood vessels many times a day. They crisscross and branch out to feed every cell in your body.

Arteries are your body’s highways of blood vessels that carry blood away from your heart to your whole body. Veins are their counterparts, the highways headed in the opposite direction, bringing blood back to your heart for recycling. Capillaries are the tiniest blood vessels. They tie the veins and arteries together while carrying nutrients to your body’s organs.

Veins aren’t as sturdy as arteries, and they’re less flexible. Because veins have to work against gravity, you can develop venous conditions. When you can see prominent veins through your skin, your NYC vein doctor categorizes these visible veins as varicose or spider veins, depending on their size.

Spider Vein Symptoms

The main difference between varicose and spider veins is that spider veins are smaller. They look as if they have tiny tendrils spreading out from a core, making them seem like red and blue spiders crawling under your skin. Varicose veins are rope-like blood vessels that protrude from your skin.

Varicose and spider veins don’t always cause pain, but from the start, they are unsightly. You don’t have to undergo any discomfort to get rid of them when you’ve found the best vein doctor in NYC who also is a vein doctor. Symptoms that often accompany spider veins include:

  • Itching or tingling around the vein
  • Heavy feeling in your legs
  • Burning and throbbing around the veins
  • Internal bleeding surrounding the veins
  • Pain that gets worse after prolonged periods of standing or sitting
  • Ulcers
Does Poor Circulation Lead Spider Veins?

Treat Your Pain and Your Appearance

At Manhattan Vein Clinic, Dr. Bard understands your concerns about your appearance. At the same time, while spider veins may seem like minor annoyances, they can actually be precursors to more serious health issues.

So, when you have your first vein consultation with your NYC doctor about possible treatments, be prepared to talk about your medical history, when you first noticed the errant veins, when they bother you the most and what helps them feel better. Also, let your vein doctor know your goals, whether it’s to:

  • Eliminate spider veins permanently
  • Destroy the current veins
  • Renew your appearance
  • Learn how to prevent them from reoccurring
  • All of the above

Common Spider Veins Treatment

Once the underlying cardiovascular condition that led to your impaired circulation is addressed, you can prevent further spider vein appearances by following your doctor’s advice, which may involve:

  • Eating a low-salt diet to improve circulation and prevent hypertension
  • Eating a high-fiber diet that promotes healthy circulation and a healthy weight
  • Alternating sitting and standing throughout your day
  • Avoiding tight-fitting clothing and high heels

In-office spider or varicose vein treatment that your vein doctor in Manhattan (Midtown and Upper East Side, New York City) offers include:

Don’t wait until your spider veins are causing you pain. Schedule an appointment today.